KRAAK is two multi-purpose and low-cost spaces for art, music, exhibitions and photography.

KRAAK Gallery.

Housed in the remains of a former derelict textile cutting room in Stevenson Square, KRAAK Gallery crept onto the creative scene in 2009 and quickly established a reputation as a connective hub for innovative visual and performance artists. KRAAK Gallery was founded by local artists to create an inclusive, accessible and sustainable exhibition space that is dedicated to the ideals of collaboration and open expression. Since then, KRAAK has emerged as a humble but forceful player in the Manchester underground arts scene.

KRAAK is committed to artist-led exhibitions where individual curators and groups of artists plan and produce the installation process, infusing their own personalities into the space. Our central location and affordable rates have enabled a fresh and dynamic arts platform to flourish within our gallery walls, and has allowed KRAAK to tap into both established and emerging creative talent.

KRAAK Studio is a fully equipped photo and film-making studio which occupies the gallery space when not in use for exhibitions.

KRAAK Event Space.

In June 2010, a vacant building adjacent to the Gallery was utilised to create a fully licensed event space.

Combined, the spaces support live music, performance, artist workshops, photography, film screenings, exhibitions, and other collaborative community projects.

The top floor above Kraak Event Space is also occupied by Studio Bee who offer photography and film making services.



Is it a bar, a gallery, a club …?

Britain’s top multi-purpose venues

Art and Clubing

There are cities where it always pays to press on down dark alleys into apparently derelict buildings in search of good things. Berlin is one and in Manchester, Kraak, hidden in an old textile warehouse on the fringes of the Northern Quarter, brings a little of that same grimy excitement. It’s primarily a cheap, malleable exhibition space used by local visual artists, but the adjacent Kraak Venue also hosts underground club nights. Recent parties have run the gamut stylistically from a showcase for Manc indie label Akoustik Anarkhy to dissenting house music night Backtofront. On 20 August, New York techno producer Adam X brings his tough love, at Mitternacht.


THE GUARDIAN, 05/08/2011