Beat Mark, Politburo and The Jungfraus

Beat Mark are one of a few French bands to strike with the noisy pop spirit of contemporary U.S. music (from MGMT to Crystal Stilts) who don’t hide their mid-80s to mid-90s English influences. Their sound has been described as nuggets of The Vaselines, and The Television Personalities with a few drops of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Stone Roses and Primal Scream.

Some have even evoked My Bloody Valentine. Whatever, the mix, the 2 boys and 2 girls of Beat Mark from Paris have created a full-length album “Howls of Joy” released by Ben Ayres & Tjinder Singh’s label Ample Play in the UK and US to critical acclaim in February 2013. More recordings can be found on limited edition cassettes from Scotland’s Soft Power Records.

Local support comes in the form of Kraak residents Politburo who released their album “Sally & Prinss Revisited” through Leonard Skully Records. Rough Trade described the album as having a “melodic sense that recalls the heady days of Kevin Ayers-era Soft Machine or mid period Gorkys. Peel back the layers and each component of every track seems expertly placed and a joy unto itself”. Incendiary Magazine said of it “we get psychedelic cut ups as interludes, we get long, drawn out guitar slug-it-outs like Hung from a Tree and we get a whole heap of sounds and attitudes on tracks like New School Shoes that have you thumbing through your Rubble compilations with a wondering frown.”


Also on the bill are Leonard Skully Records siblings The Jungfraus who create psychedlic pop with Byrdsian guitars. Listen to their single “You Won’t Catch Me” which will give you a taste of their upcoming debut album.

Please note this gig starts earlier than usual.

£4 entry fee on the door.

Stage times:

Beat Mark 9:20pm

Politburo 8:45 pm

The Jungfraus 8:10pm