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CollaboA 2 hat experiment in collaboration…This months theme is : ELEPHANTSThis event will take place with sole aim of sparking creativity and to bring artistic people together who wouldn’t ordinarilly work together.

2 hats will be greeting you at the entrance into the venue, everyone who comes to the event can put one object, poem, photograph, word, absolutely anything they wish into this first hat.

One item will be picked at random and will then become the theme for the following month.

Anyone who wishes to perform or create something for the following month can place their names into the second hat, thier names will be picked out in random groups of 2, 3 and 4. These groups of people are then to meet up at various points during the next month to work on a performance piece using the theme from hat one which will be showcased at the following event.

There are no boundaries for what can be created, make an installation, write some songs, just let your imagination take you, it can be as abstract and off the wall as you like.

The first event will take place on Wednesday 23rd October and will be every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Get involved with our opening event:

If you would like to collaborate and be picked at random to work with others for the event on the 23rd October please post your name on the event wall or send an email over to circusjam@googlemail.com

Anything could happen. Let the hats will decide.