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CREAKatKRAAKiiWednesday, 3 April
Original, unique, spontaneous performances and collaborations by
BEN HEANEYelectric violin solo, “I’m Going To Die. I Love You”
CONFORMIST GUERILLAspoken words, “Shell”
BRIAN BENSONamplified small percussion, “Digitus Infamis”
HOWARD JACOBSLes Commandos Percu, La Timbala, Forkbeard Fantasy, Stumble danceCircus,Toolshed, Homelife, Skidoo 23…
MATT POUNDdigital electric noise sound music…
For more info and special price £4 tickets, please contact:
0777 305 1162
Register a ticket number or, pick-up a special numbered ticket voucher from the KRAAK Gallery stairwell for cheapest entry…