13 September


DEMONS (Portsmouth): Simple as, One of the most exciting and relentless bands within Psych-Rock genre in the UK over the last few years. A band who embraces a mixture of inspired 70´s Riffs structures combining beautifully with elements of Stoner, Fuzz overdoses and psycho- sonic landscapes that creates an interesting vision of Sound with the only attempt to blow our minds away . Demons are heading over to Manchester to happily celebrate the re-edition on double Vinyl of their Cult Masterpiece originally released in 2009 “High Contact” through the mighty Cardinal Fuzz Records. 
“one of the main reasons Cardinal Fuzz entered the choppy waters of record making was with the sole intention of doing justice to this gloriously fuzzy psych/garage monster” Dave Cambridge, former of Cardinal FuzzRecords .
If you don´t know them yet think along the lines of the Stooges, MC5, Mudhoney, The Heads, Cosmic Dead,Black Mountain, Dead Meadow..

GROVES(Manchester): If you consider yourself as a usual goer of underground gigs around the city over last few years, you might have either heard or been told about this noisy band from York-Manchester. These pals rehearse and play together to distil Bad Mood, Anger spread over a handful of songs which can make your ears bleed in a matter of seconds. Groves have thick-dense blood circulating through their veins, they possess that In-your-face kind of thing, their shows are brutally believable. As a Plus, the band will be dropping in at Kraak to offer some new songs for everyone’s bliss.
In any case you haven´t heard them yet the waters where Groves swim around are filled with the influences of Shellac, Big Black, Metz, and other 90´s American bands such as Cows, Halo Of Flies, Jesus Lizard… Not to be missed!!!

RHYS BLOODJOY(Manchester): Manchester-based Bloodjoy is a self-labelled ‘schizo-songwriter’ who admits concurrently writing for (and fronting) more than a dozen differently themed alternative bands over the past few years. For this particular venture though, he has stripped away all pretense in an effort to find his true artistic self — and with a fondness for the sound of early folk/blues/gospel, rockabilly, swamp/roots/noise rock, psychedelic, post-punk and shoegaze — the end result makes for a unique journey into singer/songwriter territory. We at Sister 9 cannot wait for Rhys Bloodjoy’s return to stage, his performance is sure to blow your minds… get down early!!!