Divorce, Sightings NYC

Sunday, 7 April

Doors 4pm


Prepare your brain to melted, your guts pulverized and your sexual organs to be gratified – Giant Hell and Fat Out present to you a stupendously good 7 band behemoth of a bill, featuring the finest acts exploring the outer limits of rock.

DIVORCE (Glasgow):
… Fuck Wave, Divorce are a Goddamned No-Tsunami. Juggernaut bass is
bullied by heavy, drunk, off-kilter drums, and that knife your missus
is coming at you with, well she’s playing guitar with it whilst
yelping like a woman possessed. The sound of a thousand pissed up
arguments with Zu, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and Mr Cave’s sickest
numbers with The Birthday Party, you’ll know why you’re both in court
when you hear this beast. Your ears will be paying alimony to
tinnitus, but you knew it was in the pre-nupt, pervert.

Sightings’ deconstuctionist noise rock removes the melodies and hooks
of standard rock & roll, leaving a mash of growls and feedback — from
the high-pitched grind in the guitar strings to the groan inside a
bass amp. It’s a destructive post-punk mess that beautifully
references weird outfits like Einstürzende Neubauten as well as the
early-’80s no wave scene and noisy contemporaries like Wolf Eyes,
Black Dice, Lightning Bolt, and Ruins. Sightings formed in New York
City in 1997 with Mark Morgan (guitar and vocals) and John Lockie
(drums) getting together and jamming. A year later they met bassist
Richard Hoffman…

The adrenal rush of these guys’ n gals’ punk vignettes are as focussed
as toothache and as effective as a blow-dart to the neck.
Pummelling, driving scrapes all up your face, offset with a drum kit
that sounds like it’s falling down the stairs – but it’s so damn tight
it’ll have you in death throes in no time at all.
Damn fine no wave/noise/screamno violence.

They’re coming out, so you’d better get this party started.
Chunky, moist and sexual riffs from this north east super group kick
along with a cabbagerock pulse.. this shit will have you moving in no
time.. then they’ll pull the rug out from under you, leaving all
before them dangerously close to whiplash in the blink of an eye..

NAKED ON DRUGS (Bletchley via MCR):
“Sounds like Nick Cave parodying the Pink Panther Theme tune, whilst a
pissed lunatic imagines what a clarinet having a mental breakdown
would sound like.” Art Rocker online.
Live at The Bay Horse:

KLAUS KINSKI (Transylfechan):
One of the finest actors of the century, but by god Mr Kinski was a
weird looking mother fucker. Next time you see a picture of him, study
it well. Look into his eyes. His distended, bulging, swollen, engorged
eyes. Alight with the confusion and madness of thousand inner
arguments, all concluding his fucking awesomeness. And that is exactly
what his Manchester namesake sound like. Only weirder and dirtier. And
all 6 of them look far more fucking mental.

MISTOA POLSTOA (Nutbush City Limits):
Mistoa Poltsa are now in the business of robbing you of your dignity
and your freedom from Tinnitus. They are loud, tonitruously so, and if
you happen to find yourself dancing to their turbulent hooliganry due
to forces beyond of your comprehension, then we will be the last to
judge. They, like your limbs, are everywhere at once, edges are
indeterminable, noises have no definite place, and there’s definitely
potential for a quantum physics analogy that I won’t test your
patience by making. Also, they reference God and blood and stuff,
which I hear is quite hip these days, much like it was in 1,500 B.C.
and 1644 A.D. (Lucy Holt, MCR Scenewipe)

MATINEE SHOW LIKE so get down early

£5 ADV

£7 OTD