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Exhibitions 2010


For one night only. Email Kraak or join the Xmas facebook group for an invite – http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124953277525162&ref=ts

Nights Move Thinking

10/5/10 – 14/5/10 11am – 6pm

Nights Move Thinking features the work of six artists from Manchester School of Art. From installation to sound sculpture, the exhibition showcases interdisciplinary practice and experimental techniques.

Preview Evening: 10th May 7pm – 11pm


“Second Floor” Poem

By Matt Dalby- one of couple of pieces brought close to completion whilst Matt was invigilating at Kraak. Matt also wrote a guided tour of the “Lost Language”  exhibition which was showing last month. Check out his blogsantiago’s dead wasp


29.04.2010          09.05.2010

As part of the MAPS festival KRAAK will be hosting ONCE – a photographic show by MMU photography students .

12 photographers one theme

PREVIEW  29.04.2010 AT 7PM



Lost Language

Featuring experimental emerging artists from Manchester and London predominantly working in sound, installation, live art and video.

Helen Shanahan, Jennifer McDonald, Graham Dunning, Gary Fisher, Kate Hughes, Lucy Campbell, Debbie Sharp, Andrew Locke, Rebecca Taylor, Matt Dalby, Louise Woodcock. Curated by Louise Woodcock.

Preview: 2nd April
Show ends: 23rd April 2010

Lost Language juxtaposes themes of loss, fear and disgust with visions of beauty, transcendence and spirituality. Cutting edge media and practice is juxtaposed with time old concepts and concerns. Lost Language raises questions about femininity and masculinity through material and concept: outmoded machines with crocheted acrylic, organic matter with video, digitalism with spirituality.

The inspiration for the Lost Language came from Julia Kristeva’s book Powers of Horror which investigates the roots of our sense of the ‘abject’, our fascination with it and what it means to us. The key theme in the book is around the concept of ambiguity. Ambiguity frightens us: when we think we know something or someone and we find we have been deceived or misguided we doubt our senses. If we become too afraid of ambiguity it can be stifling to creativity and to our fascination with the unknown in general. The rediscovery of horror and therefore ambiguity, according to Kristeva, brings us closer to our pre-historic selves who were not so bound to oppressive patriarchal systems.

Lost Language features the cutting edge of experimental emerging artists from Manchester and London predominantly working in sound, installation, live art and video. Lost Language is at Kraak: a new space for artists to experiment and discuss, in central Manchester.

Workshops and performances will be held on 17th and 18th April with artists including Matt Dalby, Graham Dunning and Gary Fisher.

The Kraak Gallery, the Northern Quarter’s short-lived but widely approved-of underground music venue, is hosting a photography exhibition next month, featuring photographs of people like Will Oldham:

Steve Gullick has photographed for NME and Melody Maker as well as his own publications Careless Talk Costs Lives and Loose Lips Sink Ships – and has impeccable taste, with Nirvana, Bjork, Beck, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Neil Young and Nick Cave among the familiar names that will feature.

The Photography of Steve Gullick runs from 12-27 March at the Kraak Gallery (11 Stevenson Square, behind Hula Bar). It’s open Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-6pm. What’s more, Steve’s band The Tenebrous Liar play the opening party at the Bay Horse on 11 March (£2, 8pm), and he’ll be giving a guided tour of the exhibition at 3pm on the final day – email him directly to book a place.

Late Night Live Art at Kraak 2

10 December 2009

Late Night Live Art at Kraak featuring artists: Gary Fisher, Matt Dalby, Louise Woodcock, Graham Dunning. Gary will be performing with an amplified coat, Graham will have two installations, Louise will be eating words, Matt will be performing with field recordings from around the city.

First Exhibition

Kraak is holding an exhibition of poster art from the past decade in Manchester. The exhibit is intended to be a celebration of the ‘DIY’ ethic artwork and music which makes our city such a hotbed of creativity. The event will include workshops on poster making, promoting your own events and DIY home recording, as well as performances from local musicians. The exhibition will feature installations by Paul Hallows and Alice Horton.