From Rusholme with Dub

Autonomads and Black Star Dub Collective release gig for the forthcoming split ‘From Rusholme With Dub’

This is the first day the CD will be available so we thought we’d put on a party with our sisters in John Player Specials and Spanner from Bristol.

This will also be a benefit gig for the Indonesian punks who have been arrested and put through ‘schooling’ to re-educate them since the government has declared that punk is a social disease. Solidarity with all involved.

Doors are at 7pm, bands from 7:30pm, so get down early, we want to finish by 10pm so that people who have to travel can still make it home by public transport.

Please share this around and tell your friends. Black Star Dub Collective played at Kraak for the first time last weekend and fully recommend it. Get on it….


Black Star Dub Collective
John Player Specials

+ Black Star Selecta’s