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Golden Fable

Friday November 9th

7pm til 10pm. £6

In the immortal words of pretty much every character in Game Of Thrones, “Winter Is Coming”. But while the nights are getting longer and the cold is creeping in, our Northern Noise Live nights continue to showcase the hottest new music in the UK.

On November 9th, the quite brilliant Golden Fable will be headling our night which, for the first time, will be held at Kraak in Manchester. Tickets are only £6 and supports will be announced closer to the gig.

Golden Fable was born out of the multi-instrumental cult group Tim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band. Tim McIver and Rebecca Palin, the founders of the new band decided that it was time for the charming innocence of Tim and Sam to grow up and went to their studio in North Wales to create a record with depth, darkness and beauty.