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Jan Krueger

Friday 14TH September
For our first installment we introduce Jan Krueger of Berlin super
label Hello? Repeat; the label hosting mega-clubs Robert Johnson
(Frankfurt) , Rex Club (Paris) Fabric, (and Kraak Gallery of course)..
all in the same week.Jan assumes a rare position of success within the club industry and
it’s current obsession with ‘the producer’. He stands true as DJ, in
the true sense of the word. Resisting the pressure to produce/even
work under ghost writing has lead to ongoing refinement and attention
to his DJ practice…the quality of his sets are in a world of their
own.His music oscillates back and forth in a repetitive, loose, improvised
groove; swinging from rough edge minimal to warmmmm straight up house
grooves, all derived from influences like perlon, sound signature,
planet e, m-plant, hartchef disco and other sub genres.

We’re truly privileged to bring Jan Krueger for the first time to
Manchester. He’s going to be crate digging for 4 hours taking us all
on a hypnotic journey through spaaaace and tiiiime