Labasheeda, Monster Island and Nick Alexander

In The River presents….


Labasheeda play at KRAAK as part of their April UK tour.

Labasheeda hail from Amsterdam NL and take pop on a different journey via twisted post punk guitar riffs that might remind you of Spiderland era Slint and Sonic Youth.

‘Growling, dynamic stuff here from the Netherlands. Labasheeda make intelligent but not emotionless, angular rock music; it’s a brooding sound with touchstones in the post rock (some gorgeous violin playing in parts) and post-hardcore camps. Singer Saskia Van Der Giessen in forlorn almost-romantic vocals which sound all the more sharp set to a back ground of foreboding guitar chimes.’

In 2012 the band released the LP Castfat Shadows and a split 7″ with Wavezero.


Monster Island:

Manchester’s Monster Island released their latest album The Retaining Wall late last year –  These are often tales of the inner soul, the solitary dreamer’s inert reaction to the world around them, a sort of lugubrious coping mechanism…To prise open what is really going on the gnomic world of Monster Island – especially whatever’s happening on the title track – may be a mistake anyway.” (Incendiary Magazine)

Opening up proceedings, we have an acoustic set from singer-songwriter Nick Alexander who is also the front man of the band Politburo.

8pm start, £3 otd.