Monday 12 August

Golden Lab presents MONOPOLY CHILD STAR SEARCHERS (USA)Californian Spencer Clarke, formerly one half of Skaters, now exploring infinity with this repetitive, intertwining cosmic layer cake. One of Golden Lab’s favourite musics O.A.T.!!
“The music here has little parallel but there are nods to Sun Ra’s wiggier cosmo-keyboard fantasias, the more cosmic early Skaters sides, extremely primitive keyboard-led slow-mo dub settings, the kind of Industrial de-programming exotica fantasised by Throbbing Gristle, even the world galaxy visions of Alice Coltrane albeit with a heady/drugged basement/ritual vibe or the haunted soul of the most spooked Ethiopiques sides, all cut with slowed-down nightmare vox ala Basil Kirchin. The perfect spin for the liminal hours of the a.m. A stunning, magical package, very highly recommended!” David Keenan, Volcanic TongueSOPHIE COOPER BANDFormerly one half of Cooper-Jones with Kelly Jayne Jones of Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, Sofie Cooper has taken solo flight with this trio of nug-naughts who sound (even if they haven’t) like they’ve been hitting the bong all day long with long, swelling, drawn-out tonal warmth wrapped around fragile psychedelic songs of love’n’loss.CHALAQUE

Solo project of Nick Mitchell (Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura/Float Riverer/Beach Fuzz). Soaring guitar heroics stretched to the Nth degree of limited capability.

“Repetition and variation are key motifs, and there’s a dizzying brilliance at work here, with ever circling riff layers turning perceptions inside out until all that remains is pure joy.” Eric Hardiman (Rambutan), Foxy Digitalis


Dazzling Neu-age transcendentalism from boy-genius Alex Pierce on turntable, tapes, sampling keyboard and lord know what else.

And all for a mere FIVE QUID on the door