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Moonshine Club, Boogie Belgique

Friday, 3 May

The second installment of the Friday Night Moonshine Club at the hedonistic Kraak Gallery promises more bassy goodness. As a special Bank Holiday weekend treat we are flying in Boogie Belgique for their UK debut and finishing off with one of the leading lights of the swing circuit DAS MOTZ.

Boogie Belgique

My name is Oswald Cromheecke and I’m 22 years old. I’ve really started Boogie Belgique last
summer with the release of my free debut album “Blueberry Hill” with Dusted Wax Kingdom
records. After the release everything went really fast and now my second album “Time for a boogie”
is coming out in January 2013 with Cold Busted.Now I’m playing a dj-set with my great trumpet-
player, Cedric Van Overstraeten.
I’ve always liked swingjazz, hiphop, triphop, funk & soul. After a while I came across electroswing
and liked it immediately. But most electroswing missed a touch of (how do I say this) “nostalgic
soul”. (With a lot of exceptions of course : Odjbox, Proleter, Parov Stelar,…) In my opinion something
very important since you’re working with old samples that have a whole history behind them and
have to be ‘respected’ in a way. I wanted to make music that people could dance to but also music
that could be played in your living room or in your car. After experimenting for a long time I started
to make a kind of mixture between Abstract Hiphop and electroswing music. I try to produce music
that has modern beats but still has that delicate/vintage touch that you can hear in the original.


Das Motz

Das Motz is a DJ and Producer from Frankfurt, Germany, currently residing in Nottingham, UK. His DJ
career began in 2008 and really kicked off with residencies at big clubs around town. Since the start
of 2010 he has been heavily involved in the Electro Swing scene, playing alongside of many well-
known acts such as Dutty Moonshine, DJ Switch, Kiwistar, The Electric Swing Circus, Swingrowers,
Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, Kormac, Smokey Joe & the Kid amongst many others. He is one of the
founders of the Jitterbug, an Electro Swing night in Nottingham and is currently active in the group


£7 + BF

£7 with out BF on 07502241115