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xup album launch + photo exhibition preview night

28 – 30 April 2011


Different Animal album launch and exhibition



@ Kraak Gallery, Manchester

opening night and gig 28.04.11


This event celebrates the launch of ‘Different Animal’ – the new 14 track album by Xup. With accompanying photo/poster print exhibition showcasing 40 pieces of original album artwork by Xup, including a collection of photos of wolves shot up close and personal.

The opening night takes place from 8pm on Thursday 28 April, with live music from Xup, Water Signs and more acts tbc.

The photo/poster print exhibition runs until Saturday 30th April.

Please follow the link for more info or visit http://kraak.co.uk/


The Different Animal album was born up against the wall… pushed into a corner… biting back. Recorded between March 2009 and October 2010… the album grew a virtual universe around itself, a shell-like exterior, becoming a self contained little capsule. Different Animal is part ‘Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid’ and part ‘Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke’. Different Animal is the second album by Xup.

Xup is ilana on vocals, 1972 Fender Mustang bass, borrowed guitar and the drums.


“Different Animal sounds something like Joy Division making an art-house B movie starring Sonic Youth and Patti Smith…” www.music-news.com


“Possessed of a predatory post punk prowl and gouged by a distractively dead eyed sparsely detached noir stained schlock… It curdles and twists to a damaged and dented swamp dragged blues dialect, it aches and howls with a deeply penetrating psychosis that at times makes Siouxsie and the Banshees’ ’the scream’ sound like a sunny walk in the park… A torn and tortured beauty…” www.losingtoday.com


Different Animal is out now @ http://xupmusic.bandcamp.com/ and on itunes, amazon and spotify.




WATER SIGNS were formed in Manchester in late 2010 fuelled by a shared desire to create a music that was dark yet multi-coloured, layered with beat, sway and the language of sound. Existing in a self imposed vacuum and unconcerned with outside interference, WATER SIGNS have tunnel vision, meditating only on their shared aesthetic and noise.

Three members splitting between them bass, vocals, synths and a menagerie of electronic toys they are creating music that channels the spirit of Manchester’s musical heritage whilst firmly planted in the Now and their eyes fiercely focused on the future. Like early Hip-Hop pioneers they thrive on stealing and mutating influences into a multi-cultural swag bag of sounds and grooves.

WATER SIGNS sound like 20 men

WATER SIGNS will make you dance

WATER SIGNS are on Charlie Sheen’s iPod





For more details on this event please contact:


07815 049 414