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Music Day

Saturday 21st June

8.30pm doors FREE ENTRY

 The Music Day, also known as “Fête de la Musique”, celebrates the diversity and free access to music. Its concept is to hold a day during the mid-summer solstice where musical events are free and made accessible to the public. It was first organised in France in 1982 and has taken place on the 21 June every year since then in more than 100 countries.


Agua Roja (Indie Pop – FR): Excitement is growing around this French Indie Pop band. After the success of their debut single last year, Summer Ends, which inspired praise in the musical blog sphere, the Parisian-based Agua Roja will be delivering its surfy, 70s vibe in Manchester before carrying away Rock en Seine’s audience, the Paris’ biggest summer festival.

Naked (on drugs) (Lounge Punk– FR-UK): Sebastien Perrin and Luke Byron Scott’s duet is one of the most exciting music acts in Manchester at the moment. As they have just released their new record on Manchester-based Sways Records, Naked (on drugs) adds a dark, jazzy twist to a post-punk sound, and was acclaimed by the Guardian, among others, as one of the key bands to watch out for in years to come