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'Noise Annoys' – a punk film night

MDMArchive presents: ‘Noise Annoys’ – a punk film night & panel discussion hosted by KEVIN CUMMINS  Friday January 10th 2014 Doors: 7pmPanel: Kevin Cummins, Denise Shaw, Dawn Bradbury, Steve Shy

Film: Brass Tacks

Band: Kill Pretty (feat ex-members of The Fall & The Hamsters and current members of Blue Orchids)

Admission: FREE


The explosion of The Sex Pistols into the national psyche in 1976 would leave people thinking this new ‘fad’ was simply a ‘London’ thing. But their seminal gig at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, witnessed by a small crowd of hopefuls, changed all that.


Photographer Kevin Cummins documented this cultural eruption with finesse, picking out from the crowds two young women who personified the feeling and passion: Denise Shaw and Dawn Bradbury (pictured). Denise would go on to star in BBC punk documentary ‘Brass Tacks’.


The spirit of the time was also captured in print through fanzines, and none more influential than ‘Shy Talk’ – a labour of love for Steve Shy, whose efforts helped to shape MCR’s much-celebrated DIY ethic.


‘Noise Annoys – Early Punk in Manchester’ invites you to share in the conversation. Kevin will talk to Denise, Dawn and Steve, giving insight into the madness and intensity of the era, whilst presenting some of his most evocative punk and post-punk photographs.


A special screening of the ‘Brass Tacks’ documentary will follow and later still a set by Kill Pretty, featuring ex-members of The Fall & The Hamsters and current members of Blue Orchids.


Admission is free but spaces are limited. Please register for guest list places by emailing: info@mdmarchive.co.uk with ‘Noise Annoys Event’ in the subject field. Each guest should email us individually.