Old House Playground plus Natalie McCool

Thursday 4 July

Doors 7.30pm

A night of rich folk and acoustic rock sounds brought to you by the Paper Nights Collective! Have a gander at the line-up
Headlining the gig are Old House Playground. Rooted deep in the folk culture of story telling and drawing characters, an electric and twisted mix of Blues, Avant-Garde and Roots with Greek-Folk influences.
Old House Playground —www.facebook.com/oldhouseplayground
A singular voice surrounded by a constellation of guitar; shifting from delicate fingerstyle beginnings to chorus drenched Johnny Marr-esque riffing. Currently touring literally everywhere and will soon be releasing her recording at Abby Road Studios.
Natalie McCool — www.facebook.com/nataliemccoolofficial
New band from Lennie Hammersley and Sword In Air and the drummer from heavy metal outfit ‘motions’. A blend of two singer songwriters with a very methodical drummer to create really harmonic stuff. Regularly releasing new music on their facebook.
Cove — www.facebook.com/CoveUK
‘Grubby Folk singer with OCD’. My personal favourite human from Kingston upon Thames after ‘Rat Scabies’. Check him out, he’s dead good. His music is a heavey dose of love, life and politics. A vital visitor to any local music scene!
Tim OT — www.facebook.com/timotacoustic
Three piece rockers flaunting big riffs, grooving vibes and driving beats. All of this alongside a frenzied live show, riddled with constant head banging, raw vocals and a heavy dose of guitar solos.
Those Rotten Theives —www.facebook.com/ThoseRottenThieves

Tickets are £4 in advance and £5 on the door.
This event is brought to you by Shoplifters Union and Paper Night Collective