Politburo & Kingfishers Catch Fire

8pm- 10:30pm, £4 otd
Politburo are on a mini tour promoting their debut album ‘Sally & Prinss Revisited’:
with Kingfishers Catch Fire
“…a boy / girl / boy trio, who have the girl on guitar, one smart looking fellow on keyboards and a singer who is both a poet, raconteur and emotionally flamboyant performer. Each nugget of a song was fitted out with retro-synth sounds and the twisted curl of a twangy but slightly distorted guitar – elaborate yet simple. This comes across with the delivery of Marc Almond (or at least the passion), as the bobbing digital beats mix in a light conversion of electroclash battling it out with an orchestral sci-fi ambition. This is an act I’d very much wish to encounter yet again.” (Manchestermusic)