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President Ray Gun, Omit Sleep, Young Mountains, Simpson’s Abattoir Band


In typical Ray-Gun fashion we’re taking over Kraak for our first show of 2015!

President Ray-Gun
PRG play passionate and sometimes Lo-Fi Alt-Rock,
Live shows so far have been described as “Quirky”, “Always unpredictable”, “Either brilliant or…”
PRG hail from the four corners of the known United Kingdom, and have casual obsessions with shoegaze, grunge and science fiction.

Omit Sleep
Omit Sleep are a freshly formed band from Manchester, they’re so new that we don’t even have a way of proving they exist. (Caution: May contain traces of President Ray-Gun)

Simpson’s Abattoir Band
Simpson’s Abattoir Band are a spiky, volume-hungry pop band living within a 25-mile radius of the Beetham Tower

Young Mountains
Young Mountains are a three piece guitar band based in Manchester. Their sound combines elements of off the wall math rock with an indie disco sensibility.
You’re gonna love ’em.

£4 Entry.
Free entry for whoever comes as Marty McFly or Doc, and I’m trusting that someone will.