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Gigs and Shows at Kraak

Please read the following:

KRAAK, 11 Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1DB

Kraak will provide a sound engineer for the evening at a charge of £60.

Please make the sure the door on the first floor is closed at all times especially during sound check.

The space to the right of the stage is to be used as the backstage area for bands and equipment. You cannot use the store room located behind the bar.

Unless arranged otherwise, all equipment must be taken away the same night as your show. If you do leave it, please leave your name and number at the bar and MUST collect it the following day.

Please email show details for inclusion on the website.

Please ask if you want to decorate the space.

A full inventory of equipment can be found here

Load-in is 5pm, to arrange access,  call Dominic O’Grady on 07855939129, kraakspace@gmail.com. On the weekend band music curfew is 10.15pm and all kit must be cleared off stage by 10.30pm.

Please park and load in from the alleyway, Stevenson Place off Lever Street.

There is metered parking on Stevenson Sq and Newton Street. Free after 8pm

If your event goes on past midnight, there will be an extra charge to cover door security.

No drinks are to be taken outside.

You will need to bring your own door person to collect money.

Please let me know if you require a rider, if you bring your own please avoid glass bottles.

Do not put flyers and posters up near Hula Bar or the bike shop, Keep Peddling.

If you wish to use the vinyl decks and stylus’s a £40 deposit is required, refundable at the end of the night.

Thank you.