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Kraak Gallery Queer Art Show- ‘Queer Kraak 2011’

Preview- Thursday, August 25 at 6:00pm

Friday, August 26- September 1

Opening times: 11am- 6pm (closed bank holiday Monday).

Kraak Gallery plays host to its second queer art show this August as an alternative event to Manchester Pride Festival.

The show was spurred into existence because of a noticeable lack of Queer, DIY, artist-led activity in the city during Pride paired with a collective dissatisfaction with the lack of engaging culture present. This show aims to bring important issues and questions to the table during a time when binge drinking and commercialism normally takes precedence. Artists have something to say with this show- be it political or personal or both.

Queer artists came together in 2010 after an open call by artist and director of Kraak Gallery Debbie Sharp and are re grouping with new additions to deliver visual and performative art in the form of a one week visual art show with one off events. Artists will also deliver a much-needed injection of direct art and activism to canal street itself. Expect flash mobs, guerrilla art, queer monsters and unexpected toilet attendants. ‘Queer Kraak’ is back in 2011 bigger and better and louder and ruder.

Embracing the word queer is a central discussion point to this show and the difference between the use of the word queer and gay. Thoughts around this can be contextualised by recent row in which writer Lee Hall agreed to swap the word ‘queer’ for the word ‘gay’ in an opera featuring East Yorkshire school children due to head of Bay Primary School in Bridlington being concerned about the “emotional wellbeing” of the children and wanted to protect them from “offensive language”. Full article available via Pink News http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2011/07/07/gay-row-opera-will-go-ahead/