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silver story

cherry valentine presents silver story

fri 28th february 2014

Silver Story – http://www.silverstory.me/

Silver Story is a young, well established rock band from St. Helens, UK. Silver Story originally formed in
2008 and have been playing ever since. Taking influence from a pool of genres, Silver Story’s music has taken on a sound, which is organic and intriguing, yet leaves you with the feeling that you have been listening to them for years. The band’s influences range from artists such as Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana and 30 Seconds to Mars to Bob Marley and The Beatles.

Busik Mase – www.facebook.com/BusikMase

‘Busik Mase are a three piece Grunge/Alt Rock Band from Manchester/Salford. Described as unique, influenced by music from the 90′s such as Nirvana and Radiohead with a modern day twist taking influence from bands like System Of A Down, The Hives and more. They are Danny Littlewood- Singer/Guitarist, Andy Lewis – Drummer, and Matt Walsh -Bassist. They have just released their first EP a five track outing called “Post Nasal Drip”. It’s loud, in your face, grunge influenced rock with some fine tunes, great riffs, and impressive dynamics. Lewis and Walsh particularly work together well to support Littlewoods’ guitar stylings which have all the required licks and chords to grab the attention. The vocal style is reminiscent of slacker grunge at it’s best and varies between laconic blues and hardcore screaming. The stand out tracks for me are R.N.F.P.D (Recreational, Narcotic, Fuelled, Philosophical, Droolings) and the raucous A.G.E., the latter of which bodes well for the future of the band . The trio are obviously Nirvana fans and this shows through to some extent but there is a modern take on the Grunge style with elements of punk and to some degree a post-punk sound on the quieter sections. A fine debut and well worth 15 minutes of your listening time.’ – Bob Osborne

Lost In Space – www.facebook.com/lostinspaceuk

Tickets – http://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Manchester/Kraak-Gallery/Cherry-Valentine-Presents-Silver-Story–Guests/12098368/