Sturle Dagsland + Rachel Hillary +Politburo + Dirty Brunswick

Norway’s Sturle Dagsland consists of Sturle Dagsland & his brother and producer Sjur Dagsland.
Their currently in the process of recording their debut EP which will be released in 2012.

In Live situations they are also accompanied by other musicians who plays an array of instruments such as cello, kalimba, banjo, electronics, piano, guitar, marxopone, accordion and autoharp

“A unique sound and voice”, Future Sound Share

“The concert was a delightful goosebumps-inducing affair and a refreshingly unique breathing hole in the densely packed concert program….(…) It’s been a long time since i’ve seen a vocal talent of this magnitude.” –

“Two acoustic guitars, a boy with angelic voices and tremendous will to communicate. Sturle Dagsland has moved out of his own dream world and invites us in. But the dream distorts and gives a substance you will not forget anytime soon”

Local support comes from:

Rachel Hillary. If you like fairy folk music download her free EP from

Politburo and, making their debut live appearance Dirty Brunswick


Doors 8pm