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The Bond Now Are



The Bond Now Are

The Bond Now Are Hail from Blackburn and the Manchester Scene. A continuation of 80´s bands “The Bond”, and “Some Now Are”. Inspired By Velvet Underground, Joy Division and the wider Factory Scene. The Bond Now Are Move from Traditional to Experimental, Ancient to Modern. The Bond Now Are fuse the Celtic Melodies that Inspired Country and Rock music with Mediterranean, Eastern and beyond in a Cinematic and yet Lyrical framework that will Move Your Feet and Rock Your Soul. The Bond Now Are Attempt to inspire the Questions that the modern individual has not yet danced to like an esoteric Morricone.

Consisting of Original Band members Andy Mahon and “Luko GB” who Between them or together have Supported Bands like the Smiths, New Order, Paul Weller and The Coral Joined with Tom Carr and Manos Sarantidis. The Bond Now are will feature guest musicians drummer Paulo Franco (from Fenoid, MundoPardo), Bassist Pedro Parreira and Box Music´s Davis Sousa (who Previously Worked with band members on Malastrugança Project) and premiere their musings on Algarve and Os Artistas..

Tickets £5 ADV £6 Door

“The Bond Now Are were a nice surprise. They are a melting pot of British and Mediterranian Music resulting on a multicultural sound were you can feel the Manchester scene, the latin sound of Barcelona and the warm beaches of Greece.”
Pedro Duarte – RUA FM (Faro- Portugal) Apr 2015