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The Last Roundup + Tom Mills

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A four-piece collective from the UK make up The Last Roundup and they give their listeners a unique take on alternative rock. As the name of the band alludes, there is a southern twang to the style that The Last Roundup emits on their latest self-titled EP The Last Roundup.

The first track on the album, “High Tide,” has a beautiful swelling beat to it that becomes very catchy over time while the lyrics build an intriguing metaphorical journey for the mind. The song starts off with a calculated guitar chord and then the drums are introduced and give the song its high spirits and intense motivation. The lyrics, “The oceans turn to black to swallow your dreams, oh lost at sea, just you and me… high tide.” On this song we become acquainted with the style of the vocalist that is very intriguing and gives another dimension to the song.

The next song “Mirror Man” is a bit more slowed down and is burning with a deep passion. “I know all too well, that it’s only a game that you play… time and time again,” the song goes on to illustrate a dreary situation that is “all over now.” The song has that quintessential anthem vibe to it, and I can easily envision a huge sea of people swaying side to side with a bright lighter raised above their heads as they listen to this song. On the track “Widescreen Introduction” we really get to experience the capability of the main vocalist’s tones and varying styles. His voice is so deep and creates an entire sentiment all on its own separate to the guitar, lyrics and percussions.

While listening to The Last Roundup, I am reminded of bands like Led Zeppelin, Simon and Garfunkel with a mix of Neil Young. The collection of songs that have come together to make up this EP showcase the bands’ talent and raw natural ability to create authentic alternative rock with that classic persona that spans the ages.


Tom Mills
Acoustic artist from Manchester, just back from a few year stint in Moscow. Playing soulful, funk-laced pop.

Thomas Holden

Hailing from Manchester and playing an acoustic set of his ‘sometimes jazzy, sometimes trippy tunes’.


The Last Roundup