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The Veldt, Laekyn, President Ray-Gun

The Veldt play beautiful soulful shoegaze music ambient and flowing in it’s essecnce a display of pure orgasmic electricity poetry in slowmotion…Formed by identical twin brothers singer/guitarist Daniel and guitarist Danny Chavis, and rounded out by drummer Marvin Levi on drums and bassist joesph (hue) boyle, later David Burris, The Veldt quickly became the “must see attraction” of the quirky art-rock scene in Chapel Hill, NC (which also held bands like Superchunk, Polvo and Dillon Fence in its ranks). The Veldt released their first proper record, Marigold’s, on Stardog/Mercury, in 1992. Marigold’s was received well enough to earn the band a much more lucrative contract with Polygram Records. The result was the cult classic Afrodisiac recorded and produced in London, England with Ray Shulman (The Sugarcubes,The Sundays, etc.) at the helm. Afrodisiac’s under current rumblings eventually rose to cause a storm as the band soon found themselves sharing stages with likes of Oasis, The Cocteau Twins, The Pixies, Fishbone, Corrosion Of Conformity and a host of other seminal alternative bands. After two more records, Universe Boat on Yesha Recordings and Love At First Hate on their own imprint, End Of The World Technologies, Danny left the band preceded by Burris who left the music business for a career in film in 1994 (he is currently the producer for CBS’s hit show Survivor). The Veldt continued on in various incarnations until it was put to bed in 1998. After relocating to New York City, Danny and Daniel focused on their new band Apollo Heights. This time around, The Chavis brothers pushed their musical boundaries with more electronica and trip hop influenced back drops to create texture with Daniel’s soulful falsetto croon. Their last recording, White Music For Black People, featured the twins and special guests Mos Def and Lady Miss Kier from Delite fame. TV On The Radio’s David Sitek handled some of the production with Danny and Daniel doing the rest.
Laekyn are a four-piece band, whose music combines spacious melodies, minimal electronica, ethereal vocals, and dense textures. The mysterious band name took shape through rather unconventional means, trawling through a sea of gabble before an epiphany in the form of fortunately placed letters on their kitchen fridge.

President Ray-Gun formed in the winter months of 2013 and play passionate lo-fi rock once described as ‘the bastard offspring of Nirvana and Biffy’. For fans of indie, grunge, alt-rock and shoegaze.
£4 otd

Doors: 7pm