Cities of Sound

Cities of Sound (11-14 May, launch 6:30pm, daytime open 11am – 6pm)
– an exhibition from the Raise Your Voice Collective.

More than half the world’s population lives in cities. The rapid urbanisation of our world has opened up new fields of research and studies of the impact of high-density living abound. In Cities of Sound, the Raise Your Voice Collective bring together an eclectic range of installations that offer the viewer an interactive engagement with ideas of the city, living and lived-in systems, the facts of urban life, and the sounds these produce.

Many of the artists represented come originally from music backgrounds. Their origins as composers, sound designers and studio technicians has lent them a particular concern for the acoustic qualities of life. Our sonic environment is often overlooked, hardly perceived or dismissed crudely as noise, but can simultaneously be having a subconscious effect on our perception of space and the city. The works here push sound to the foreground in combination with a variety of visual and interactive manifestations.

Opening Night 6:30pm (11 May)

To launch the exhibition Cities of Sound, which runs throughout the FutureEverything Festival, the Raise Your Voice Ensemble present performances of brand new and improvised music in the gallery space. A programme of contemporary classical music and experimental electronics will be mixed with improvisations that use the exhibited sound installations as improvising partners.


Raise Your Voice Collective is a community of artists, musicians and composers based in Manchester, questioning all aspects of sound, music and our sonic environment. Formed in 2010 to perform and promote new music by young Mancunian composers and musicians, the Raise Your Voice Ensemble has gone on to perform sold-out concerts, win the FutureEverything Festival Showcase Prize 2010 and be featured in the Sound and Music Artists’ Toolkit.

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