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on the criticism11

On the criticism of Jean Baudrillard:

An exhibition of fine sculpture from:

Sam Rushton
Jon Muir
Dan Crosby

To follow the launch of fESTCHESTER2013.


“Baudrillard’s writing is open to several criticisms. He fails to
define key terms, such as the code; his writing style is hyperbolic
and declarative, often lacking sustained, systematic analysis when it
is appropriate; he totalizes his insights, refusing to qualify or
delimit his claims. He writes about particular experiences, television
images, as if nothing else in society mattered, extrapolating a bleak
view of the world from that limited base. He ignores contradictory

Mark Poster, “Introduction.” Jean Baudrillard: Selected Writings.
Stanford: Stanford UP, 1988. 1-9

07/03/2013 – One night event! 6pm-10pm! @ Kraak Gallery, Manchester.