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I feel Love Disco Demons

I feel halloween

I believe Michael Jackson said it first when he boomed out the immortal lines ‘Thriller, Thriller night’. Never a truer word spoken Michael, never a truer word spoken! So as all hallows eve shambles relentlessly closer I Feel Love will be celebrating the evening by turning the Kraak Gallery into our own disco cavern where we will be holding a musical séance the likes of which would see Derrick Acorah on all fours gibbering incomprehensibly by 12 o’clock! Believe me they’ll be so much spirit energy flying around you’re not gonna be able to keep them feet still!

Our usual blend of upbeat disco and funky house jams will be getting a halloween treatment, violin solo’s and fluttery piano’s are making way for some stabbing synths and rumbling baselines. A more moody, broody and relentless Disco. So come down for some disco demons until 4am.

Ticket Prices:
£3 advanced
£5 OTD