LINKWOOD, Dave Owen & Asher Jones

Friday 26 Sept.
To celebrate our first birthday, Sauce presents the infamously elusive Linkwood, performing an exclusive 3hr DJ set ahead of his new album on Firecracker due out at the end of summer. 

Nick Moore, DJ and producer AKA Linkwood is a reticent talent: eschewing as much hype as is possible, he prefers to work in the shadows, conveying all that need be said through his emotive musical offerings. With organic and musical house releases that defy definition on imprints like Firecracker, Shevchenko, and Manchester’s Prime Numbers, you know it is always of an assured quality. Reaching even further than in his own productions, a Linkwood DJ set is a classic affair. Mixed solely on vinyl and made-up of timeless quality, they transport you through a tight spectrum of styles from 80’s boogie, detroit techno, house and deep soul, confidently blended to sustain the integral drama of quality subterranean club music.
Ears : LINKWOOD, Dave Owen & Asher Jones

Eyes : Joe Whitmore

There will be a limited number of tickets on sale from August on Skiddle, otherwise its £6 in on the door.