Red Room

Red Room comprises of eight Film and Media students from MMU, who have spent the past 8 months dedicating their time to the completion of eight unique photography dissertations. With the creative content varying from Anneliese Devine’s ‘psycho-geography’, to Erin Priddey’s exploration of murder sites in and around Manchester, the eclectic range of projects reflects the individuality and subjective nature of each student. With the intention of invoking a variety of conflicting emotions within the viewer, each project captures the creative essence of its creator, whilst delving within obscure and varying subject material; from Lucy Walls’ exploration of Surrealism, to Charli Greaves’ emotive depiction of derelict asylums. Other projects include: Jessica Gluba’s exploration of loss and grief , Sophie Harrison’s Voyeuristic depiction of the voyeur, Will Brown’s invasive study of the human form and Ami Stevens’ surreal twist upon conventional fashion photography.