Off The Hook Xmas Party

‘Christmas is coming, the Diva’s gettin’ phat …’

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, honey… just an Off The Hook Xmas Party!

Even though you’ve been such baaad Hookers this year, we’re gonna throw you a party anyway. So ditch that dull-ass office do, drag Janice and Sue from Accounts and come on down to Kraak to sweat it out to the very best of RnB, Hip-Hop, Soul, New Jack Swing, Motown, Dance Energy, Daisy Age, Disco and African-American Pop …

Joining resident Hookers, Anthony ‘Gold, Frankenstein and Grrrr’ Crank, and Greg ‘Batteries Not Included’ Thorpe, our special guest DJs this time around are those darling Wasp Nest boys, Matt Rothery and David Dobson. Professional music romanticists and trainspotters, their popular monthly warm-up sets have helped establish Soup Kitchen as the (second) coolest venue off Stephenson Square (wink wink…) Expect a slick mix of old skool favourites and forgotten block party gems.

By the way, we are feeling Ms Mariah up to our TITS right now so expect to hear THAT CHRISTMAS SONG in excelsis plus other diamond cuts from the diva’s back catalogue. Cos you’ll always be our baby, yeah …?

Off The Hook Xmas Party
Saturday 17th December
11pm till late
Kraak, Northern Quarter, Manchester
Entry tax: 4 North Pole Dollars all night long