Friday 6th June

Yes Blythe

For an early summer outing we are proud to be hosting west coast psychedelic dub legend SUN ARAW and meditational ambient guru LARAAJI for a special performance entitled ‘The Play Zone’. A continuous ebb and flow collaboration, Sun Araw and Laraaji will be entering a psychedelic plane together and inviting the audience along for The Play Zone, drinking deep from the well of mysticism drawing from both ancient and modern methods of sound therapy.

Sun Araw is the project of Cameron Stallones who made a name for himself creating rich and impossibly deep psychedelic albums, taking equal influence from Lee Scratch Perry to Neu, with LA psych rock in the frame as well. His profile made a huge leap with the seminal psych record ‘On Patrol’, then a few years later bringing the legendary reggae vocal group The Congos out of retirement for ICON GIVE THANK, where Stallones was flown to Jamaica to produce and co-create an intensely transcendental album.

Laraaji is the alias of musician, former stand up comedian and meditation instructor Edward Larry Gordon. Primed to release a retrospective on WARP, Laraaji is most famous for busking in New York for hours at a time, performing new age zither pieces, and for being the main source of inspiration for Brian Eno’s ‘Ambient 3: Days of Radiance’ album. Laraaji’s steady flow of tapes and short releases has been a major influence on ambient music over the past 30 years and it is seriously not to be missed for those of a psychedelic leaning.

In association with Deep Hedonia & supported by Arts Council England.