SLEAFORD MODS Possibly the most unexpected band ever to appear on the perennially extreme Harbinger Sound label, SLEAFORD MODS utterly brilliant debut LP ‘Austerity Dogs’ is a fucked-up, hyper-naive, punk/hip-hop fusion with caustic, misanthropic lyrics spat out with a near-Tourettes level of intensity. This is undoubtedly gonna be one of the gigs… of the year.“To describe it as a hip hop record or to say “it sounds like The Fall” is to force it in a category that it doesn’t necessarily belong. Williamson makes no secret of the fact that he is an ardent fan of the Wu Tang Clan, but what of the fact that he claims not to be that familiar with The Fall? In the end, neither of those facts matter. The music has too much personality of its own to abide by these typical, one-to-one comparisons.” Matt Krefting “Sleaford Mods rule” – Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth // Body/Head) Special guests TBA £3 adv early bird tickets from – stricly limited to 50 – on sale SOON and available until 5th July or they sell out, whichever comes first.