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Take That Fandom Before The Internet

Take That Fandom before the Internet
A fascinating glimpse into the global network of Take That’s first fans

A joint project of the University of Salford and Manchester Music City Tours

2-28 June 2011, Mon-Sun, 11am-7pm

In the 1990s – before email, Facebook and Twitter became facts of teenage life – a global communication network of young female Take That fans sprang up, exchanging letters and packages through the post. This exhibition showcases the remarkable creative and innovative activities of this scene. In contrast to the merchandise produced by the culture industry and marketed to fans, the artefacts displayed here for the first time are the imaginative products of the fans themselves.

Expect to learn all about their international pen friendships, astonishing mail art, fat letters, lavishly decorated networking tools called “FBs”, “slams”, “crams” and “decos”, the complex Take That photo-bartering systems, and the ingenious ways in which teenage fans cheated the Post Offices of their respective countries.

Fans do not simply consume: their fandom provides an impetus for their own activity and productivity, uncontrolled by the media or the culture industry.

www.fan-networks-exhibition.org | twitter: @ttexhibition | facebook: Thatter Exhibition