Thatta, Salford Media City, Fruit Tones, We Are Boa

Leonard Skully Promotions presents….

All the way from Tokyo, Thatta are on tour in the UK from 25th March -9th April. The band have released 2 albums and a few EPs.
Inspired by groups ranging from Madchester to 90’s US based alternative bands, Thatta have produced their own unique and original style which transcends the boundaries of typical J-rock while still remaining distinctly Japanese.
Their music is characterized by diversity gained from a variety of influences and their live performances are known for their trademark three synthesizers on stage.
Watch their UK tour trailer here:-

Thatta UK Tour Trailer

****SALFORD MEDIA CITY**** (tbc)

****FRUIT TONES**** (tbc)

****WE ARE BOA****
Also on the bill are fantastic new rock band We Are Boa who take a break from recording their new material which has evolved out of the big guitar sounds and catchy anthems found on their soundcloud page. Expect more infectious hooks with nods to psychedelia.