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The Manchester Cunning Folk Festival

The Manchester Cunning Folk Festival

11th Oct 2014

3pm £9

Acts: Tomorrows Tulips (LA/San Diego), Brace/Choir (Berlin), Politburo, Velvet Morning, Locean, Groves, The Plague Doctors, Laekyn, Her Majesty’s Pleasure, Tim Brennan, Gwen Osmond, Tim Shiazza, and Diggifro. DJs: Denson/ Luka Corda/Politburo/Paradox

Presented by Leonard Skully, Strange Days and Paradox.


On several occasions in my career, I have involved myself with ‘grand musical acts’: that is, the bringing together of different artists and musicians to affect a particular alchemy. With varied results have I laboured, and now, once again, I bring to you something which I hope, shall titillate your senses in a fashion that you might consider unusual. I call it The Manchester Cunning Folk Festival. The location will be that almost antediluvian seeming alleyway outside of the Kraak Gallery: a place that has become soaked with memories and emotions of nearly every kind.

We will witness poetry and noise from the minds behind PARADOX. Tomorrows Tulips will be bringing their esoteric practices all the way from their home in California. Berliners Brace/Choir will be mesmerizing audiences with their shadowy and ecstatic rhythm and blues. Artists from my own record label will be joining a whole host of the finest audio magicians from Manchester and beyond. The alleyway, it is my hope, will take on the quality of a bazaar, as artists come together and attempt to create something of beauty.

And why the name: Cunning Folk Festival? These are strange times, at least to this observer. Look to your artists, for they will fulfil your needs when times seem barren. Be wily, like a fox. Is there an Adversary? Perhaps, perhaps not. These people…these ‘cunning folk’  shall come together and show you a glimpse of what is to come. Gird yourself.

Leonard Skully, pHd

Leonard Skully

Strange Days Mcr