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The Marivaux, Dark Moon, Politburo, Stories, Cascades


The Marivaux

The Marivaux have been recording a debut album, working with producers Simon ‘Ding’ Archer (AAAK) and Cass Lewis (Skunk Anansie).

Now, with the songs, desire and experience to create meaningful music; The Marivaux are gathering a loyal fan-base who are joining the band’s attempt to break free of a limited lifestyle.

“Think if Thin Lizzy had a bastard child with Kings of Leon which was then brought up by the Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys. A band to watch out for”

Dark Moon

Four piece Dark moon play accomplished psychedelia with lyrics that transport you to past worlds with a distinct female vocalist in Lola Ulalume.

Tribal beats interweave with throbbing baselines to create a hypnotic groove which transcends through chanting choruses. Guitars are considered and chunky enough to carry one through to the other side as the narrative of their music leads you on a journey to a place far away.