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Vice Versa

The vice versa exhibition is a showcase of work created from the indulgent passions of two Manchester born artist, fusing Mark Robinsons urban, tribal metaphors against Jason Ricketts opulent, grandiose fields of colour, each canvass, sculpture or sketch tells its own story.

Jason Ricketts Artist Statement

Painting, to me, is a unique experience. Each work is a surprise and has its own personal and intuitive meaning. After brainstorming feelings and memories, each one of my paintings evolves freely and independently.  I am not a realistic artist so it is all feelings of joy, frustration, uncertainty, excitement and passion but to name a few. I start the paintings and I don’t know at the finish what they will become. Within this series of paintings and images my aim is to show my train of thought the things around me that influence the work I produce, the way I apply the paint whether it be controlled or completely chaotic if there is such a thing. The layers of paint hide images and reveal images just the same as we hide and reveal things about ourselves, If I was asked what my work is about I would say “it is about the beginning it is about me”

Mark Robinson Artist Statement

My work is a chaotic accumulation of pattern and form influenced by primitive and tribal cultures but with a contemporary edge. It is spontaneous, unlimited and unplanned. I enjoy the excitement of not knowing what the outcome will be until I have finished. The work I am showing in this exhibition is made up of images I have chosen for their function of form and how the shapes interlock. I want the viewer to feel overwhelmed, confused and become completely immersed in the work.