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From Groningen WOLVON rapidly became one of most exciting live acts of 2012 in The Netherlands. They played over 60 (mostly DIY) shows, including a tour across the Balkans. WOLVON took the Netherlands almost literally by storm from their start in October 2011, blazing like a bearded twister across the lowlands, playing their ferocious trademark floorshows.
Until now, the trio’s mesmerizing mixture of postwave, dreampop, noise and krautrock was captured only on two limited 7” releases. In 2012 the band recorded their full-length debut in the Next-To-Jaap studio of noted Dutch engineer Corno Zwetsloot (Space Siren). This was then mastered by Zlaya Hadzich (a.o. Sonic Youth) in Loud Studio. This LP is called ‘folds.’ and was released by Subroutine Records on April 22.
SECRETAIRE are band put together by the young revolutionaries Jeremy Budd, Carl O’Neill and Joseph Booker. They’re here to rock and space out. Expect off kilter hooks and an instruMENTAL live show.
LUNA MARADA are a newly formed local outfit put together by Portuguese brothers Thomas and Martin. More details soon to follow
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