Thursday March 15

Francis Lung

Young Montana?

Garlic Tony



Rain city what up
its been some time since we faced you wrong eyed saints eh? our ships drifted far since we played heavy pop so long ago; (an outlet R.I.P). a home coming; depends where you call home; outside my house is my home.

the game changes and now we sly mother fuckers selling our shit to the ritz; boy last time i was there baby girls had i love sex on their asses. we came up quick and never payed our dues, but fuck we barley got any self respect so what did you expect?
go tell fires on the home straight. these the last shows we gonna play; SOLIDAIRTY stands true.

once we finished our hyped up hollarin to the ritz floor bounce the boy Frank Lung is gonna compare and croon a special edition of play heavy pop karaoke, LYF faithfuls Captain Tony G and the messiah; Zion Bru are gonna spin some choice cuts of white mans soul and were all gonna have some fun you know, like the good ol days, every bodys talking about the good old days.

whys it always the good ones that have to die?
nah nah were still standing

keep the faith.